On The Rocks Magazine

Issue 3

Spring Summer 16

Suzanne Belperron’s audacious jewellery, which shocked 20s Paris and became beloved of Lauren Bacall and Princess Grace, stars on the cover of On The Rock’s new issue, photographed by Charlotte Wales. Inside, we uncover the turbulent history of this forgotten and pioneering genius of jewellery design.

Elsewhere in the issue, we travel to Paris to meet ethereal jeweller Harumi Klossowska de Rola, whose bewitching jewelled menageries are inspired by an exotic childhood as the only daughter of notorious painter Balthus. From Rome, artist Joanne Burke shares the hidden stories behind her playful and occasionally X-rated jewellery marvels; we present an exclusive look at Lucy, a science fiction-worthy ring containing meteorite and dark matter that connects its owner with their own dwarf star; we delve into the rarified world of London’s secret jewellery salons; and present photographer Dan Tobin Smith’s enchanting magnified portraits of inclusions, the tiny flaws within precious stones that render each completely unique.

Elsewhere, the season’s most exceptional pieces are captured in fashion stories by celebrated image-makers and stylists Carmen Borgonovo, Felicia Garcia-Rivera, Matthieu Lavanchy, Casper Sejersen and Paul Wetherell.

Also in the issue: introducing three of Lebanon’s brightest new stars blending east with west; the fluid beauty of crystal-clear jewellery; the eye-poppingly bold designs of Brazilian Ara Vartanian; Giampiero Bodino’s spectacular high jewellery creations; and a guide to the most exciting new exhibitions of jewellery across the world.


Laura Allsop, Jessica Diamond, Maisie Skidmore, Veronica So


Devin Blair, Thomas Giddings, Kate Jackling, Matthieu Lavanchy, Agnes Lloyd-Platt, Casper Sejersen, Raf Stahelin, Dan Tobin Smith, Charlotte Wales, Paul Wetherell, Jack Wilson, Bryony Wright, Paolo Zerbini, Victoria Zschommler


Carmen Borgonovo, Clare Byrne, Raquel García, Felicia Garcia-Rivera, Marion Jolivet, Leila Latchin, Kate Rose Morris, Ianthe Wright


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