On The Rocks Magazine


One Year

Since launching in spring 2015
with a cover starring Delfina Delettrez,
On The Rocks swiftly made a name for itself at the
forefront of luxury jewellery magazines.
With its mix of fine jewellery, art, fashion
and contemporary culture, On The Rocks
speaks to women – and men – with an interest
in style, beauty and ideas. Discreet at times
and provocative at others, each edition
of On The Rocks is filled with
fashion editorial by leading photographers
and stylists, accompanied by thought-provoking,
intelligent writing on a fascinating subject.

Published biannually, On The Rocks has
worked with celebrated photographers who have
trained their lenses on jewellery in ways that
are always engaging and frequently surprising.

Featuring collections from international jewellery
and fashion houses, new designers, unique vintage
pieces and ancient artefacts, On The Rocks
shines a spotlight on a beautiful art form.


Vivienne Becker, Naomi Bikis, Annachiara Biondi, Dal Chodha, Jessica Diamond, Anne Dressen, Georgina Evans, Paul Gorman, Rebecca Guinness, Murray Healy, Mary Kaye Schilling, Colleen Kelsey, Stephanie LaCava, Emma O’Kelly, Ananda Pellerin, Harriet Quick, Doris Raymond, Natalie Rigg, Dr. Sandra Hindman, Maisie Skidmore, Veronica So, Dan Thawley, Kin Woo, Daisy Woodward


Mathilde Agius, Coppi Barbieri, Devin Blair, Samuel Bradley, Joan Braun, Robin Broadbent, Thomas Brown, Liz Collins, Anthony Cotsifas, Phil Dunlop, Laurence Ellis, Oscar Foster Kane, Thomas Giddings, Sharif Hamza, Michael Hemy, Marc Hibbert, Greta Ilieva, Kate Jackling, Nicolas Kern, Arnaud Lajeunie, Matthieu Lavanchy, Jan Lehner, Stephen Lewis, Agnes Lloyd-Platt, Nickolas Lorieux, Nicole Maria Winkler, Francesco Nazardo, Alice Neale, Alexander Neumann, Sam Nixon, Federico Radaelli, Amber Rowlands, Ivan Ruberto, Johan Sandberg, Casper Sejersen, Helm Silva, Raf Stahelin, Christopher Sturman, Matthew Tammaro, Dominik Tarabanski, Michael Thomas, Dan Tobin Smith, Hanna Tveite, Tina Tyrell, Metz + Racine, Melanie + Ramon, Janneke van der Hagen, Jenny van Sommers, Marius W Hansen, Charlotte Wales, Liam Warwick, Paul Wetherell, Norman Wilcox-Geissen, Jack Wilson, Sam Wilson, Bryony Wright, Paolo Zerbini, Victoria Zschommler, Marie Zucker


Ali + Aniko, Vanissa Antonious, Célia Azoulay, Agata Belcen, Carmen Borgonovo, Clare Byrne, Coquito Cassibba, Marcus Cuffie, Demi Demu, Julia Ehrlich, Nathalie Francis, Raquel Franco, Moreno Galatà, Raquel García, Felicia Garcia-Rivera, Justin Hamilton, Théophile Hermand, Jane Howard, Marion Jolivet, Hanna Kelifa, Andreas Peter Krings, Lune Kuipers, Leila Latchin, Amy Mach, Gabrielle Marceca, Annette Masterman, Naomi Miller, Vanessa Minshull, Steve Morriss, Kate Rose Morris, Anna Schiffel, Victoire Simonney, Peter Wiesmann, Ianthe Wright


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