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Taking Care of Business

A Short Film

On The Rocks presents a short film by
Joan Braun and Lila Pinell featuring jewels
by Ana Khouri and Dior among others

The office: locus of endless meetings, interpersonal gripes and water-cooler gossip. Rarely is it a place for high fashion, or jewellery, for that matter. But Joan Braun and Lila Pinell’s brilliant film, inspired by Braun’s story with stylist Théophile Hermand for Issue 6 of On The Rocks, and featuring jewels by Dior, Maison Dauphin and Ana Khouri among others, turns all such assumptions upside down.

“I was really inspired by Lee Friedlander’s work in offices in the 80s,” says Braun, of the thought process behind her story with Hermand. “Then I had this idea of doing a short story with my friend Lila Pinell, who is a director. We were watching Working Girl with Melanie Griffith and Dressed to Kill by Brian De Palma. We love those movies’ atmospheres, they’re so typically 80s, and there were a lot of really strong women characters in them. We were also inspired by Pam Grier’s role in Jackie Brown. Our film shows these feminine and classy women with traditional jobs hiding an outlaw life.” 



Joan Braun and Lila Pinell

Director of Photography

Victor Zebo


Hanna Sylla and Manon Thierry


Théophile Hermand

Set Design

Clémentine Henrion

Colour Grading

Antoine Bretillard


Anthony Preel


Michael Delmas


Laura Forget


Joan Braun and Lila Pinell 


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