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A Study In Scarlet


Paloma’s Sugar Stacks ring in 18ct gold with pavé diamonds and Paloma’s Sugar Stacks ring in hammered 18ct gold, both by Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co.

Gifted designer, fearless fashion muse and
daughter of art royalty, Paloma Picasso
shares some tales from a life less ordinary 

The marvellous Paloma Picasso is profiled by Hannah Lack in the autumn/winter 2017 issue of On The Rocks, accompanied by photographs of some of her most beautiful and timeless jewels for Tiffany & Co., including pieces from her latest Melody collection, lensed by Matthieu Lavanchy. Speaking in the storied Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne earlier this year, the iconic designer shared priceless memories and some words of wisdom gleaned from her long life in the limelight, extracted here. Read the full interview with Paloma Picasso in the latest issue of On The Rocks, out now.

On the inspiration for Paloma’s Graffiti for Tiffany & Co., produced in 1983

“In those days tags were considered such a nuisance. I thought, maybe I’ll give a good name to graffiti. It was not considered art at all at the time, and I disagreed. Art is all about the emotions. It’s not about having read the books.” 

On being friends with Andy Warhol

“The best thing about being around people like Andy Warhol and his crowd was at a dinner party you might meet a lady whose grandmother had come off the Mayflower, an artist who had two pennies in their pocket and nothing more, and an old glory from Hollywood – all at the same table. That mix was so uplifting. New York was a melting pot where everything was happening.”

On her early love of jewels

“My mother had a special desk with lots of little drawers and real fairytale pieces inside. There was an Egyptian ring, and a mysterious seventeenth-century Italian piece with a baroque pearl, a sphinx and an emerald. I was such a tomboy as a child – I cried every time they made me wear a dress – but I loved jewellery.”

On her long-standing relationship with Tiffany & Co.

“It’s like a marriage and as with most good marriages, it’s about respect and freedom.”

On her intuitive design process

“Maybe it’s from not liking school much, but I don’t work in my studio. I’d rather be on the carpet or on a plane after a trip, with all the memories fresh in your mind.”

On the famous photograph taken of her by Helmut Newton in Saint-Tropez in 1973

“I’d seen Helmut in Paris and I had long hair, red lipstick, white skin – I never went in the sun in those days. But that summer I had a jewellery show in Saint-Tropez so I took a little holiday and for once I got tanned and cut my hair. A week later, I met with Helmut for the shoot, and he was furious! He said, what am I going to do with you? It was the first photograph I’d ever done with him, and he made me look stronger and older than I was at the time. I think with that photograph, Helmut looked into the future.”

Photography Assistant

Chloé Tun Tun

Set Design & Styling Assistant

Ali Baïlon


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